Technologies we are interested in

Internet of things

All devices connected to internet communicating to each other sending data or taking actions is the future. Let us join hands and explore opportunities IoT world is going to brings to all of us!


We were early adopters of Google Glass but Google killed it. We are now exploring Oculus Rift and HoloLens seeing opportunities how we can contribute towards AR/VR


It seems odd for software company to think about robots but robots cannot take a step without code, and there will be whole lots of robots walking on the streets in next 10 to 15 years. We would like to stay on top of what runs inside a robot!


Future world is all about sensors collecting as much information as possible. From data storage to processing to data analysis we see lots of opportunities everywhere. Now is the time to get started!


Smartphones are here to stay. Additional sensors, integration kits, projectors, etc. will continue to offer opportunities for technology companies like ours for a very long time.


Home Automation is good but PakBrains is a step ahead working on what we can do for farmers from monitoring moisture levels in cotton fields to flying remote drones repelling birds. Yes; we got some really interesting ideas!

Careers @ PakBrains

  • PakBrains is not all about present but future. We continue to maintain and expand our existing products portfolio but future is what excites us, and ideas how we can take benefit from technological revolution currently taking place.

  • If you are an experienced .NET Professional we can definitely talk, or a PHP Developer, but future industries around the Internet of Things, Autonomous Objects, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Holograms, 3D Web, etc. are what we are most interested in.

  • If you are hardcore Android/iOS Developer, or have expertise in dealing with different types of sensors, or have advanced knowledge of microcontrollers, or know quite a bit about Microsoft Kinect, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, iBeacon, Zigbee, etc. then we definitely need to talk.

  • Fresh graduates and students interested in internships:

    Please make sure you understand the concepts behind all technologies and platforms we have listed on this page.

  • Also, it is important to know that the experience you are going to get is indeed very valuable in international market right now but not many companies are working on these technologies or platforms inside Pakistan today. It will probably take another 5 - 10 years for these technologies to be common in Pakistan so you must have a passion for future technologies in order to succeed in these areas (regardless of material gains or benefits such experience is going to bring to you in the local market today).

Benefits and Perks

We believe in health and wellness of all employees

Employee Benefits

PakBrains believes in healthy work-life balance. From financial security to personal fitness, we take care of our employees offering all full-time, permanent employees following benefits. Please keep in mind this page is for information purposes only; what future employees are actually offered gets determined by the HR at the time of hiring.

Health/Wellness Fund

PakBrains deposits fixed amount into this account every month (amount varies based on individual employee’s role/experience). There is no cost for employees to participate in this fund as it is company-maintained fund employees can use for doctor visits, medicine, etc.

Provident Fund

Retirement Fund is the best way to see this. PakBrains philosophy is to keep valuable employees forever but no one can stop aging process or hold someone from leaving the company. Participation in this program is optional. Employees put certain amount in to this fund every month with PakBrains also depositing matching amount into employee’s Provident Fund every month. How much employees can contribute varies based on earnings. In most cases it is 3% of monthly salary deposited by the employee and another 3% deposited by the Company for a total of 6% deposited into an employee’s Provident Fund every month.

Table Tennis/Gym

PakBrains has 2 Ping Pong tables for employees to enjoy and have a healthy work environment. On-site gym is also there for employees looking for serious exercising with weights, treadmills, stationary bikes, etc.

Work from Home/Remote Work

Qualifying employees have the option to work from home once every week (Friday in most cases). We encourage all interested to check with HR if expected role gives them work from home option.

Planned Time Off/Vacations

All employees start with industry standard amount of time-off, with additional time-off assigned to employees with the passage of time.

Work Hours/Holidays

Business hours are from 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday with an hour long mandatory lunch break. Medical Billing Unit hours are from 5pm to 2am Monday through Friday with an hour long mandatory dinner break. There is slight adjustment of hours during summer/winter